Hello, my name is Gianni Van Hoecke and I'm a software developer.

Next to my professional life, I work on personal projects as well. Go take a look at the 'Projects' page, if you're interested.


I was born the 8th of February 1988, thus 26 years old. I currently live somewhere near Ghent, Belgium.

I have a wide variety of hobbies and interests outside of work. The most important ones are music, photography and aviation. I have been playing the clarinet since I was about 8, and today I play in several orchestras and a clarinet quartet. Lately, flying has become a new hobby of mine. Aiming at a Private Pilot Licence, I'm about to start my training with a Warrior Piper III.

I also like to travel in and outside Europe. I have a strong predilection for Italy and Israel.


As of September 2012 I've been working as a software developer at Lin.K nv. Lin.K nv is a privately held Belgian company founded in 1992 and provider of technologies and services for online user registration, identification, strong authentication, digital signature/validation of data/transactions using smart cards, mobile phones, tokens and biometrics.